Quantitative research

Face-to-Face interviewing

  • about 350 own interviwers fully covering the Czech republic

CATI Studio

  • 6 CATI stations in own CATI studio
  • combination with HomeCATI system
  • trained experienced interviewers
  • for large projects - outsourcing of CATI
  • simple on-line results

Web Interviewing

  • web servers with fast internet connectivity
  • pop-up recruitment, email recruitment
  • simple on-line results

Nationally representative surveys

  • quota sampling according usual demographics criterions - regions, size of community, sex, age, etc.
  • random sampling - i. e. stratified random sample (regions, size of community) + next birthday method

Fieldwork quality management

  • periodical training of itnerviewers
  • planning of network structure and network development - wide spectrum of interfviewers (students, working people, younger interviewers, elder interviewers, men, women, ...)
  • briefing of interviewers for each project (phone + written instructions, for certain projects - attendance on briefing at our briefing/training points in the CR)
  • periodical rotation of interviewers participated in surveys (quality of their work taken into consideration)
  • after each project - checking of interviwers' work in the households where interviews were conducted (by phone, by letter)

Basic Products

  • Pentration measurement (brand awareness, main brand, second brand, brand loyalty, etc.)
  • Purchasing habits (purchasing channels, frequency of purchase, purchased volumes, etc.)
  • Consumer habits (level of consumption, conditions of consumption, etc.)
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (analyses of strengths, weaknesses, potential to improve, etc.)
  • Price test (price positioning, ciritcal price limits, price elasticity, optimal price, etc.)
  • Design tests, Image tests, Name tests, ...
  • Conjoint analyses
  • Advertising and media research
  • Public opinion research
  • Data mining (analyses of complexly structured data, using special algorithms)


  • periodicaly on a monthly base
  • population aged 18+
  • representative for the Czech Republic
  • random sample