Company profile

Already since 1997 we pursue a market research in the Czech Republic and we offer complete services connected with collection, processing and evaluation of information necessary for marketing decision-making. We are not only a supplier of the data gathered on the Czech (or foreign) market but we can provide our customers with reliable data necessary for marketing decision-making that are based on relevant, quality and up-to-date information gathered from the market research; next, these data are based on our experience and knowledge in the field of market research, marketing and data analysis.

What we do

Mareco s. r. o. is a full-service company in the field of market research. Our company has a separate department specialized on the quantitative research and a separate department specialized on the qualitative research.

There are graduates in economics and psychology in the working team of Mareco company who have long-standing experience in the field of market research, university teachers lecturing market research and promotion, authors of many specialist publications in the Czech Republic and abroad. There are also mathematicians, sociologists and other professions in the team.

In the field of qualitative research, we cooperate closely with company PSYMA Praha s. r. o. that focuses mainly on qualitative methods of the market research. Thus, in cooperation with PSYMA Praha s. r. o. company we provide our customers with complex services in the field of both qualitative and quantitative research.

We offer services in the field of consumer and B2B researches to our customers. We can carry out a data collection by classic Face-to-Face interviewing, Internet surveys, telephone interviewing and also by qualitative methods like individual in-depth interviews or group discussions.

Quality standards

Membership of our senior executives in ESOMAR (European Society for Marketing Research) association means acceptance and respect of work principles determined by this association and it guarantees observance of high quality requirements of researches pursued.

WIN/Gallup International

Mareco s. r. o. is a part of large international network WIN/GALLUP INTERNATIONAL. Our company participates there as the Czech representative on the wide-ranging public opinion polls, which are conducted in more than 160 countries all over the world. Institutions like International Red Cross, Transparency International, World Economic Forum, World Bank etc. work with results of those surveys.