Qualitative research

Fully equipped studio for focus groups

  • in the centre of Prague
  • one-way-mirror
  • audio/video equipment
  • equipped kitchen for preparing taste testes
  • simultaneous translation (german, english, french, russian, ...)
  • direct DVD/VHS recording (incl. simultaneous translation)
  • possible on-line broadcasting of focus groups via Internet

Experienced moderators and analysts

  • internal employees, external colleagues
  • moderators/analysts with psychological education
  • moderators with knowledge of foreign languages (for briefings, debriefings, presentations, ...)

Using of special qualitative (psychological) methods

  • indirect questionning
  • projective techniques
  • associations
  • ...


  • Individual (in-depth) interviews
  • Focus groups

Basic products

  • Analyses of Image (Image of brand, of product, of company, ...)
  • Consumer habits (preferences, motivation, ...)
  • Purchasing habits (preferences, decision trees)
  • Psychological surveys on consumers' attitudes, habits, motivation structure
  • Mystery shopping
  • Concept tests (wide spectrum of tests)
  • Qualitative public opinion surveys - perception of political, economical, ecological, ... affairs
  • Segmentation - definition of target groups for products, typical attributes of groups of customers, ...